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How to Use Article Marketing to Drive Traffic to Online Businesses

Drive Targeted TrafficArticle marketing is an effective way to attract lots of highly targeted traffic to your website, if you do it the right way. But, if you do article marketing incorrectly, you will only waste your time and effort trying to get traffic that will never come. So, if you want to attract more traffic to your online business with article marketing, avoid these 7 big mistakes:

1. Not inserting keyword in your article

Most people will forget to insert their keyword before publishing their article. As a result, they have difficulty to rank high in the search engine for their keyword. Article marketing is not just about writing article. It is about writing article that is optimized for the search engine and the readers. Without targeting your keyword, your article cannot rank well in the search engine result.

2. Submitting low-quality articles

Article marketing is the way you build relationship with your potential customers. It is also the way you build your expert status. Submitting low-quality articles will damage your status as an expert in your niche. By submitting low-quality article that gives no good value for your readers, you are effectively turn-off your readers and lower their trust on you.

3. Not persuading your readers to visit your website

In other words, you donÆt give strong call to action in your article. Remember that your main target in publishing your article is to make your readers visit your website. Article marketing is essentially a way to promote and attract more traffic to your website. ThatÆs why you need to give your readers strong call to action. After allowing them to read your article, you should ask them to visit your website for more information.

4. Publishing your article inconsistently

In article marketing, you need to be consistent in producing new content. Without consistency, you will fail in article marketing. Article marketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it kind of marketing method. It needs consistency on your part. ThatÆs because the more you write your articles, the more people will recognize you as an expert in your niche.

5. Not distributing your content

You cannot rely on just one article directory. In article marketing, the better your distribution, the better your result. If you distribute one article to several article directories, it will give you better result than if you just submit your article to one article directory. Most people will only rely on EzineArticles, but there are more article directories they can use to distribute their content.

6. Not using different pen names

It is important to use different pen names for different niches. You don’t want people to recognize you as jack of all trades. You need to make different pen names for different niches that you want to enter.

7.  Using your article as product promotion

Your article should be used only to motivate your readers and direct them to check out your website to find the best solution for their problem. You should not promote your product or affiliate product on your article. Leave the promotion part in your website.

If you keep making those mistakes in your article marketing, you will end up wasting your time and energy to write ineffective articles. To get the maximum result from your article marketing, make sure to plan carefully before you start writing your article. Keep in mind about those mistakes and avoid them in your article.

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