How to Triumph in a Job Interview

So, you worked hard on your CV and cover letter and passed the first round of the selection process. You are right to feel good about yourself, but do not relax just yet. You have won a battle, but you still have not won the war. The company has called you to come in for an interview and you feel nervous. While this is a normal human feeling, especially if it is a job that you have always dreamed of, there is no need to panic. There are some pretty easy tips that you should follow for your job interview to run smoothly and for you to win over the heart and mind of your employer. In this article, we will examine the most important issues you must consider when getting ready to attend a job interview.

The key to be successful in any feat is good preparation. Going in for a job interview is essentially like taking an oral exam. You need to be prepared. There are many things that you know when you have time to sit down and write about them, but when you are expected to answer immediately on the spot, your brain may simply get blocked. The only way to overcome this is to anticipate the questions beforehand and to have ready answers. How can this be done? Well, like everything else, it requires research. Make it a point to learn all the details about the company, the job position and your own background and personality. You may think that this is ridiculous because we all know details about our own personality. True, but we do not all know how to express them coherently and in the best possible way.

Most job interviewers will focus on certain clich questions; hence they will ask you to list your weaknesses and strengths, your goals and expectations, as well as your fears. The key is to neither underestimate nor overestimate your qualities. Be honest and do not hesitate when answering. It is very important to give the impression of a prepared person, because your employer will judge this as a very positive quality, thinking that you would prepare yourself in the same way for meetings with staff and clients. Although your interviewer may resort to clichés, you must come up with original answers. Avoid giving them the same old answers that another 95% of applicants will give. Remember, you need to convince them that you are different. The employer will not be able to distinguish you from the other applicants unless you distinguish yourself by providing creative and original answers.

Triumph Job Interview

Take great care of your appearance prior to attending the interview. First impressions are crucial. Regardless of all your skills and experience, your job interviewer is a human being and will therefore be very much influenced by the way you present yourself. Wearing a suit is absolutely essential whatever the level of formality of the job. Comb your hair, wear clean shoes and shave (if you are a man). Furthermore, if you are really nervous on your way to the workplace, make sure to remove any visible signs of sweating. Do this by visiting the lavatory in the building before entering the interview room.

Like in all other aspects of life, good manners will open many doors. Show that you are a polite and refined individual. Be formal in your speech and do not fidget with your hands and legs. Do not keep your hands in your pockets! Just to be sure, empty out all your pockets before the interview so that you are not subconsciously tempted to put your hands inside them.

Moreover, make sure that you maintain constant eye contact. Looking a person straight in the eyes while speaking to them is recognized as a sign of honesty. Avoiding eye contact will make the person think that you feel uncomfortable and therefore have something to hide.

Remember that as a job applicant, you are actually a seller; you are trying to sell somebody your skills and experience. This means that you have to be convincing. Moreover, like all salesmen, you must know how to end the meeting successfully. Do not just leave the room. Politely say goodbye to the interviewer and reiterate your desire and willingness to be hired for the job.

Follow these simple rules and, if your skills and experience meet the job requirements, you will have a very good chance of being hired for the position. Even if you are not hired, the interview will have served as a very good training opportunity and your next one is sure to be a piece of cake!

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