Sony A845 Walkman: A Slim Innovation for Thick Music Fans

Sony, the pioneer of innovative ideas, has always been a boon to the world of music and its fans all over the nations. The concept of enjoying music, sitting in one place, by listening to the music that came from big transistors and radios was revolutionized for the first time when Sony brought to the limelight their Walkman. The Walkman enhanced music with moves!

Sony has till now released a series of Walkman, which the global population has always very well followed. The good news, which has turned to be the talk of the town, is that Sony has made a very recent launch of Sony Walkman A845, the new born boon to the world of symphony. Sony Walkman A845 is indeed one of the most exciting launches that Sony has ever made. It is acknowledged to be the slimmest Walkman produced ever in the history of walk-men.

Sony A845 Walkman has several cool features to boast of, in its list. The main feature of the walkman is its audio that is delivered in a manner that is unmatched for definite. The player employs the S Master Digital Amplifier, which account much for the great quality that the audio delivered has to speak of. A combination of both the S Master Digital Amplifier and the Digital clear audio technology makes the audio all the more attractive. This particular combination has several resulting benefits like the production of audio that is highly rich and ultra low distortion, which is very negligibly low. Noise cancellation technology is also employed, which thereby reduces a large portion, approximately 98%, of the noise that is produced outside. The headphones are also enabled with the noise cancellation technology, which totally cancels out the outside noise for making your better enjoyment. The chord, which is of a diameter of 13.5 mm, ensures a greater flexibility. The AV adapter that is supplied along with A845 walkman offers better convenience with regards to the connection to planes AV system, which makes your moves more and more melodious.

The display of the Sony A845 Walkman is indeed of a highly commendable nature. It has a 2.8 inch wide OLED display, which helps the Walkman to deliver output with awesome colors and high contrast ratios. Browsing is made easier with its screen scroll view. In this screen view, the users are shown a series of thumbnails which are scrolled for easier search. The faster response time of the Walkman is particularly noteworthy. The wide-viewing angle makes it suitable for internet applications like online video streaming, sharing and downloading. The battery powers up to 29 hours continuously and enables a nonstop video playback for about 9 hours. The storage capacity of this cool Walkman is 16 GB. One among the most attractive features of the Walkman is that it supports a wide range of multimedia file formats. This exciting launch of Sony is anticipated to be in the markets from February 2010.

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    Dolly Putra
    January 28, 2010 at 05:23

    Sony Ericsson!!!!! the name that I always think the 1st time when I want to buy mobile phone! I’ve begun the experiences with their products since T10 (199x) until now, the great one: X2

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    Kaye Platter
    February 8, 2010 at 14:36

    If your into music like I am then you should Google J-Mo Beat because his music is truly astounding and creative. From what I have read he has done major projects with a lot of industry big names from young jeezy to lady gaga he has worked with them all.

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