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Affordable SEO and ROI

What do YOU consider affordable? How much is YOUR time worth? What can YOU afford to spend on marketing? Are you paying for Pay Per Click?

SEO and ROIAll of these questions should be answered honestly to determine the best course of action for you and your business. If you have no capital to invest, then the answer is rather simple. You have to do SEO on your own. If you do have capital then it may be best to bring in an outside SEO expert to help with your campaign. Depending on your budget, you may be able to outsource some of the work, while keeping other parts in house.

If your time is extremely valuable, like that of a Doctor or Attorney, it makes little sense to spend time doing SEO. You would likely be better off seeing clients and letting someone else handle the heavy lifting.

But what if your business is not to the point that it can afford to hire anyone? Do not worry there are some helpful tips that can assist you in your SEO efforts and as long as you devote the time, you can save money.

Affordable SEO Practices

To truly be able to save money on your SEO campaign, you have to remember to get your on page SEO done correctly. This includes all of your HTML as well as creating content for your website. The content should be frequently updated, unique and reader friendly. You can visit some of our other blog posts to see what we mean when it comes to on page SEO. Be sure to include videos and Images with the proper tags in order for the Search Engines to understand what the page is about.

Once you have your on page SEO complete it is time to start off page SEO. Remember the Search Engines frown upon paid link building and spammy techniques. They want to see your site get recognized naturally in order to place it where it belongs. This does not mean you cannot go out and actively list your business or website. In fact, some of the methods I will mention are perfectly normal and acceptable to all.

Common Affordable Off Page SEO Practices

Here is a brief list of Off Page SEO that is both easy and affordable. Remember all this really takes is time, so weigh the value of your time versus the value of your time spent elsewhere.

Social Media: Creating a Facebook Page and Twitter Page is a good way to get your site noticed by the search engines. Once you have a following if you provide good content that your followers link to, it will help with your search engine rankings. Most search engines use social metrics now as one of the ways to grade relevance. You can find more resources about social media by using search button located at the top right or seek for Effective way to promote businesses or the Beginner social media marketing guide.

Video Marketing: Everyone loves a good video. If you provide a useful video that helps users, they are likely to show others online. These types of links can become very valuable to your website.

Directory Listing: Almost all regions have a local business directory, don’t be afraid to list your business and your site on them. It helps with a link and it also helps users find your business.

Press Releases: Do you have a newsworthy event? How about a grand opening? A press release will provide you with a valuable link as well as possibly drive visitors to your site.

Article Writing: Are you an expert in your chosen field? If so you can contribute informative articles to other websites that show your expertise and again, provide a valuable link to your site.

Blogging: The web is full of blogs, people like to read fresh news and information. If you have the time, creating and maintaining a blog is a good way to attract readers, who will likely visit your site.

Affordable SEO Secret Tip

Here is a tip that is not used often enough. Alerts!!! Most search engines have some sort of alert system. I prefer to use Google Alerts for my websites. You can set up an alert that tells you anytime a topic you are interested in is discussed on the web. When this happens you get an email with a link to the conversation. This is an EXCEPTIONAL time to follow the link and add to the discussion. If you are an expert on the subject the readers will likely respect your opinion and even visit your site. This is highly underused and any serious business person should be using this to maximum advantage.

When it comes to finding ways to conduct an Affordable SEO campaign, all it takes is time and a willingness to succeed. Of course depending on how much time you have or how much your time is worth will dictate where you should spend your time. If you have any questions please visit our Contact page.

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    Pretty interesting article ! Easy to read and offers valuable information. Regarding the practices introduced, I use guest blogging and social media the most of the time.

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