The Ideal Job for the Ideal Candidate

In recent years, we hear more and more often the voices of employers of human resource who concern about the fact that they find increasingly difficult to match specialists both in that position, and the organization itself. At the same time people looking for a career move, or are in the beginning of the professional way, can not find a job corresponding to their requirements and aspirations.

What actually happens?

More and more employees follow to improve their skills, knowledge, to acquire new skills, to adapt to the increasingly demanding requirements of their employers and to evolve in the same company. Attracting and selection of specialists and managers is becoming increasingly difficult. At the same time is not less difficult to find a job. Looking for a job according to aspirations is still an unsolved problem for many people.

The most common mistake of looking for a job is a presumption of lack of specialists and unrealistically high expectations. Many people find it sufficient to present a well written resume and go to the interview. Most people fail to appear well in the selection process, not showing their qualifications, personality traits, motivation and representation of their own skills.

For this reason often happens that employers and candidates do not communicate the same way and some people may be suitable for the job and even removed from the early stages of selection. And employers are making mistakes in searching for the ideal candidate. Sometimes they add ads that do not give give a clear image of responsibilities and duties implied understanding that job and do not allow compatibility with these requirements.

It happens that employers do not have specific profiles created, including job requirements and the mix of features that would have to have the position occupant to be successful.

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    January 14, 2011 at 16:34

    I believe that the ideal candidate should take the ideal job for a better working experience. It was an interesting read, thank you for the great article 🙂

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