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How to Do Domain Name Selection in Competing Markets?

Some people are really conscious and nervous when it comes to selecting a brand name or a domain name for their business. Whenever you want to name your new business or register a new domain for your online business, you may come up with a lot of ideas and most of the ideas look fine to you. For me, selection of a domain name can make or break your business. While a good domain name can really make your business, a bad name can hurt it too.

Domain Name Selection in Competing MarketsAlthough selecting a domain name looks really easy and straight forward process, but it is not. There are various factors that are needed to be kept in mind while selecting a domain name for your online business.

First of all you must understand what DOMAIN is and why a business needs it?

Domain is a name given to any physical location where our files are stored. It makes our lives easy cause we don’t have to memorize those hard ip addresses to access a particular resource. Every website on the WWW needs a domain name so that their web visitors can remember them easily and can come back to their website when they need more information.

The last sentence of the above paragraph is the core of the domain selection procedure. You must select a domain that is easy to remember for your visitors. And can become a good brand name when your website gets big. Not every website needs to be converted into a brand name, but still it’s a good idea to have a brandable name for your website.

Another approach to selecting a domain name is a keyword rich domain; in this kind of selection we tend to register a keyword that includes our main keyword in it. These are called keyword rich domains and can become a great decision when it comes to SEO.

Research is the first thing that you should do while starting out the registration procedure. Make sure that you know your keywords or at least the target market. This way you will know what sort of domain you should opt for.

By selecting a keyword rich domain you are already stepping one step ahead of all of your competitors. By very little effort you can outrank your competitors and gain maximum traffic from your main keywords. But keep in mind that keyword research plays vital role here. Always see the search volume of every keyword on Google Adwords Tools to check if it has sufficient number of searches.

By doing proper keyword research and choosing between a keyword rich domain and a brandable domain are the most important steps in domain selection and should be done with maximum attention to see long term results.

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