Samsung Launches the Organic LED Display SyncMaster PX2370

“With its environmental design and slim 16.5 mm, leaving the way open PX2370 ago than the smallest possible footprint, both on desktop and on the environment,” said JinHwan Kim, Vice President of Visual Display Division at Samsung Electronics. “Consumers are faced with the situation to choose between performance, products and technology with many ecological functions.”

PX2370 was created with a simple frame that combines black transparent texture. It also incorporates a series of innovations designed to make PX2370 one of the most environmentally friendly LED screens on the market, while providing unparalleled user experience with excellent image quality. Monitor has some features to reduce energy consumption optimization, including Samsung Smart Sensor technology. This implies the existence of sensors to detect ambient light brightness level is automatically adjusted depending on surrounding light intensity. As a result of innovative features, PX2370 was awarded the Energy Star and EPEAT Gold certificates.

Vivid and dynamic

Gazette reached 100% in the sRGB and Mega’s Dynamic Contrast Ratio, thanks to the latest Samsung technology, LED & Dynamic Contrast Ratio. To these are added FHD 16:9 resolution for a more vivid visual display and dynamic images. All this makes it ideal when using a range of applications, especially those containing multimedia files in a format such as for video and CAD files. Given an outer thin 16.5 “, PX2370 ensure that both images on the screen and the monitor itself is visually pleasing. Gamers will no longer suffer from the monitor’s response time, current technology because the speed of 2ms.

Reducing Environmental Impact

In addition to technology to reduce energy consumption, monitor contains other advanced features designed to minimize potential negative environmental impacts of its components. PX2370 uses premium Touch of Color design and is made of black material and transparent texture that does not need painting, making sure no volatile organic compounds hub making it easier and safer to recycle. Monitor components are created from various recycled materials and is delivered by using less packaging material, thus reducing further adverse impacts on the environment.

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