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How to Optimize Content for Better Content Marketing

Search engine spiders are old Web browsers such as IE2 and netscape2. They read text browsers and HTML code from top to bottom, the way me and you see page filled with text. Do not balk when you see all these great design atomistic segments. This is something that sees the engine. Remember search engines are not moved by what looks like the site and what is read to them! Reviewing your site in those browsers highlights the need for the presence of elements such as ALT tags for images and Title tags for links.

Search engines considered the contents at the beginning of the code more important – that have important information in the top of the site. But very often in construction sites they use tables to achieve a good appearance. This prevents if you want to deploy a large important part of the contents to the top. The decision is this – use CSS2 (Cascading Style Sheets Specification 2.0) – will make them clean code in a friendly format for search engines.

Great benefit of CSS2 for optimization is that you can put important content in the code where you want and you can control the position and its appearance and make formatting by an external style sheet – ESS.

* What I do with the sites using CSS2 is this: put the contents at the top of the code;
* Then throw the navigation links;
* Then menus, etc.;
* finally, point the way I want to see the elements on the page;

We know that keywords are the main suppliers of red dots in the optimization. But the keywords are a mixed blessing. If you direct them they will achieve reverse results. Even in terms of your home, your site must have good keyword density – a density that will not disrupt the structure and sound understanding of the content. This is the basic principles in the design of Web sites and optimizing content. For search engines, graphics mean nothing. If you want a good ranking, the words are those that matter. Always use text instead of images or in addition to them, to display important names, and main content links. Tip: Add an appropriate alt attribute to any image, which is located on your page. Pages must be arranged in order of importance. Several alternative navigation mechanisms by which one is the text should appear on your site. The main part of the site must be easy to access, which is using a site map.

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